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History - Logos International



Logos, a name that brings back a lot of memories, is located at Coesewijnestraat #13, Paramaribo, Suriname, still recognizable by the six large columns that stand in front and are part of the main building.
Emergence & Establishment
De church was founded in May, 1978 by Bernadette Hewitt-Guda & Walther Hewitt after the great revival in Suriname,1961, with dutch evangelist Karel Hoekendijk.
According to some Logos has its roots dated back to the Full Gospel churches “Gemeente van Jezus Christus” and “Stromen van kracht”. During establishment, Logos rented the building of the reformed church on the corner of Zinniastraat & Gemenelandsweg.
Because of the sale of the building, Logos held their revival services temporarily in the auditorium of CCS at Henck Arronstraat and services throughout the week in one of the classrooms of LBO Theodoor Juda school. Later the revival services were held in theater Thalia at Dr.J.F Nassielaan. It was not until 1992 that Logos had its own lot and started with the construction.
The new location at Coesewijnestraat is a testimony for many in our society. the church was build during difficult economic conditions at that time in Suriname.
Many can reflect back to those times, were together as church community they funded the construction. Despite the many setbacks the main building was finished after two years of construction. On December, 15th, 1994, the church’s newest location was entrusted to God.

Revival & Desert Era

In the 90’s the church experienced a growth of many who became believers and followers of Christ. The Lord’s power was manifesting itself in the chruch as well in people their lives. The principles of the bible were teached to every member, from babies in the infants room to adults in the main building.
Even the dessert period couldn’t be avoided. Because of many disagreements some members went to other churches. But even in the desert period, Logos stood as a testimony because God brought healing.
Child- & youth Ministry
One of the essential goals to establish the mission & vision statement is the “Child- & youth ministry”. Inside Logos, children and youth learn the basic princeples that God has written in the bible, so they can function as a valuable citizen in society and can live a life dedicated to God.
2009 – present
On October, 29th, 2009, the former leader of Logos, Bernadette Hewitt-Guda, exchanged the temporarily with eternity. Before she died, she appointed Steven Reyme as her succssor. In 2010 the name of the church was transformed to Logos International.

Bernadette Eleonora Hewitt-Guda”
I want to serve You, Yes, with all of my heart !
~Bernadette Hewitt-Guda~

Bernadette Eleonora Hewitt-Guda also known as Detta is the founder and late pastor of Logos International. Born on May, 8th, 1928 as the fourth child of Harry & Jet Guda-Valentijn, she had quite a carefree youth.
Personal life
At the age of twentytwo she married Walther Hewitt with whom she had five children.
Eleven years after her marriage, Detta found herself at the lowest point of life. It wasn’t going as she dreamed and planned it to be.
Hernia and servere headaches seemed to be the evil-doers. Discussing personal problems with others was Detta’s last option. Finally she told her friend Ilse van Kanten, whom led her to God. In a simple way Detta asked the Lord to show her the way.
Encounter with Jesus
On the way home, Detta felt the presence of God in her verhicle. An experience like never before. Spontaneous and enthusiastic she cried out:”Lord, If this is how it feels to serve You, than I will serve You with all of my heart!”. The Lord said unto her that serving Him required total obedience. She than asked the Lord to guide her in His Spirit and truth.
Early cycle in the Full Gospel

Detta didn’t become a pastor from one day to another. Her early days in the Full Gospel started with the great revival in 1961 under the dutch evangelist Karel Hoekendijk as the personal driver of the family van Kanten, whom were working together with Karel. As she learned the ways of evangelizing the Full Gospel,
it was clear to her that serving the Lord wasn’t that easy, but she kept persevere in faith.
After the great revival she supported her friend Ilse van Kanten with spreading the Full Gospel, both in the church “Stromen van Kracht” as in the latter church “Gemeente van Jezus christus”. Except being the personal driver of the family, she was also the worship leader during the many services, youth leader and the unofficial assistant pastor in times that the family was away. She also appeared on radio shows together with the couple van Kanten. This was the Lord’s way of preparing her for the work that awaited her.
Establishment of Logos

In 1978 Detta established Logos. She rented the building of the reformed church to have the services held there. As time passed the sunday revival services were temporarily held in the lecture hall of CCS and later in theater Thalia. The other services throughout the week were held in one of the classrooms of LBO Theodoor Juda school.
Despite the setbacks in 1992, Detta started with the construction of a new home for Logos. During the construction God provided in many ways unimaginable.
At that time the services were being held in the second building where nowadays the children’s ministry continues. The main building was constructed with the intent to let other churches host their special activities there instead of renting elsewhere. On December, 15th, 1994, the new home of Logos was dedicated to God by means of a gratitude service.
Surinamese Bible Society
During her days as chairman of the Surinamese Bible Society, she provided housing after the society had to move again.
In faith the current location at Henck Arronstraat was purchased.
Victory with Morris Cerullo & school of Ministry
In the 80’s and 90’s through a collaboration with other church leaders, Detta brought world evangelist Morris Cerullo to Suriname.

The seminars were mainly held at Standszending der EBGS and Ocer
Voice of the Full Gospel
Detta was also seen on the “Voice of the Full Gospel” television proram which airs every sunday at a half hour past ten on channel STVS.
Last years & death
In 2005, Detta lost her third son and had to fly to the Netherlands for the funeral. Despite the absence of her husband because of health issues, the Lord was there to comfort her. After two years later her husband also died who faithfully assisted her in God’s work. On October, 29th, 2009, Detta died at the blessed age of 81 years. Her legend and Logos International are a testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ.

Steven Evert Reyme”

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,To preach the acceptable year of the Lord”
~Luc 4:18~

Steven reyme

Steven Evert Reyme, better known as Steven Reyme is the current pastor of Logos International. He is the successor of the Gospel work that God had started through the late Bernadette Hewitt-Guda.
Born on September, 15th, 1967 as thrid child of Harry Reyme And Selita van Eer, he had the opposite childhood of Bernadetta Hewitt-Guda.
In August 1992 at age 24, Steven was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. Doctors gave up hope that he might live longer. In his pain he made a promise to God. Afterwards the Lord healed him miraculously and nowadays he’s a living example with a testimony.
“You are my chosen warrior !”
On his way to work Steven had a vision. There he saw that he was part of a military force that broke through enemy lines and camps. As the commander in chief, he saw the Lord Jesus at te head of this marching military force, looking behind his back saying to Steven: “You are my chosen warrior”.
The confirmation of this vision came to pass in the form of a book given by Dr.Wayne Haywood of Doksa Ministries, entitled “The Chosen Warrior”.
Lifecycle in the Full Gospel
Two years after his miraculous healing, Steven received a bible verse in his heart from the Lord.
“Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, To pluck up and to break down, To destroy and to overthrow, To build and to plant.”.
~Jeremia 1:9-10~

Broadcast Evangelism

After having completed bibleschool in the USA under supervision of Rod Parsley, Steven began his evangelizing work as a independent preacher and started his own television broadcast program entitled “Steven Reyme Ministries” to preach the gospel nationwide. After his benediction at Logos, the program was supported by the church and transformed into “The Best is Yet To Come” with a worldwide vision on preaching the gospel.
Nowadays “The Best is Yet To Come” has various distribution platforms including SoundCloud, Vimeo, Radio Shalom and a livestreaming version that is available through the Logos website.
Logos International

In 2009 Steven took over the mantle as pastor from Bernadette Hewitt-Gudda who had led Logos for 33 years. After his benediction the name of the church was transformed to Logos International due to the mission & vision statement.